We send more than flowers.

Our Story

In 2017 our world was shattered when our son Levi passed away from a tragic accident just outside our home. Countless friends, family, and community came together to support us in a remarkable way.

We were shown first hand the various ways grief support may be provided, from lawn care service, delivery of groceries, housekeeping, to even members of our local gym sponsoring a healing trip for our family. To this day CC and I cherish the fingerprint necklaces that were gifted to us in honor of Levi. We will never be able to repay the kindness shown to us.

From our experience we have learned that sometimes sending flowers isn’t the most meaningful thing that can be done. Our purpose is to now build a platform that focuses on the specific needs of the griever and communicates these needs to supporters in a tender and loving way.

Whether it is giving a financial donation to support the family, or finding just the right gift to honor your loved one’s memory, we are here to remind everyone that there is a gift hidden in every tragedy.

Do good for those you love.

-Colt & CC Sampson

Do good for those you love  

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